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We are passionate about being the market leader in the way plumbing is done in Melbourne. From plumbing maintenance to commercial jobs, we have a team that can get the job done, no matter the size.

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We specialise in Residential & Commercial Maintenance. Using the latest technology & the workmanship from the old days.

Skilled Plumbing is one of the leading providers of drainage, sewer, gas and roofing services in the Industrial, Commercial, Rail & Construction arenas. Our core activities are focused on waste water, multi‐unit development, routine maintenance and green plumbing. With a determined focus on providing a complete plumbing service for our clients with a full commitment to our key objectives means we can provide a reliable, high quality and innovative service.

A fully licensed and well trained team using specialist equipment and investing in new technology, enables us to offer solutions efficiently and reliably to meet our clients objectives.

Our Goals

  • To provide high quality service that exceeds our clients expectations.

  • To be the leader in efficiency and productivity

  • To maintain a safe working environment at all times

  • To raise the standard of plumbing to ensure we are a company of choice.



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Home Maintenance Membership

Safeguard your most valuable assets...

Your Home. Your Family. Your Investment.

Eliminating potential home issues before they occur by focusing on preventative home maintenance is important. Unfortunately, homes can go without maintenance for years on end due to busy schedules and lack of education on the potential hazards of negligence to home maintenance.

Homes consist of a wide of components that may not be thought about for long periods of time until it is too late and damages are too severe. Issues such as that of a leaking gutter can cause serious/costly damage to your property and promote dangerous conditions like movement to footings and harmful mould to sub floor areas. Avoiding costly repairs and investing in preventative home maintenance is not typically an individual’s or family’s first priority. However, when planned and scheduled regularly there are many benefits that can result. Potential issues can be eliminated before an unnecessary amount of time and money is spent.

With a Skilled home membership, an 50 Point Inspection of your home is provided yearly.  Each inspection entails and entire walk through of your home’s interior and exterior, conducting a range of checks to the most vital "hidden dangers of your home.

After each walk through we provide you with an update of the condition of your home via email, including detailed pictures.

If any issues or concerns arise we will provide a detailed description for your review.

Benefits of Preventative Home Maintenance


Professional Team

Peace of mind knowing your home is being checked by a professinal team with over 40 years experiance.


Keep your home healthy

A maintained home is a healthy home. Reduce your safety and health risks with professional yearly checks.


Add value to your home

Just like your car, the resale potential of your house can increase with a service & maintenance history.

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Building, development & civil drainage.

With decades of experience in the development of new homes, apartments and commercial buildings, Civil drainage works and subdivision requirements. As an ISO accredited company we pride ourselves on providing a safe, thorough, quality assured work site. Giving our partners and clients peace of mind during their projects.

Our services include:

  • Civil drainage sewer and retention systems

  • Water tapings and fire services

  • Commercial hot water systems and installations

  • Multi unit developments and new homes

  • Apartments

  • Commercial developments, schools, shopping centres

  • Basements, pump stations and underground rainwater harvesting systems

  • Quality assured reporting and compliance.


With a focus on protecting our clients most important assets we offer a range of solutions to help maintain and mitigate the risk in your business or home. Whether it is a body corporate or owner occupied home we cater to all your maintenance needs, from emergencies to scheduled or routine maintenance we are there for you.

Residential Maintenance:

  • Home inspections and condition reporting

  • Hot water service repairs, maintenance and replacement

  • Carbon monoxide testing and reporting

  • Emergency repairs and make safes

  • High pressure drain cleaning

  • CCTV Camera inspections and reporting

  • Gas line testing and appliance servicing

  • Roof repairs and maintenance

  • Stormwater drainage and sewer inspections and rectifications

  • Extensions and alterations

  • Repairs and replacements to all plumbing fixtures and appliances.

Commercial Maintenance:

  • Backflow prevention inspections and reporting

  • Hot water service repairs and replacements

  • Plumbing audits and reporting.

  • Roof inspections gutter cleaning and repairs

  • Gas and water pressure testing

  • Appliance servicing and repairs

  • CCTV drainage inspections and reporting

  • Pump station servicing and repairs

  • Tank inspections and cleaning

  • Stormwater drainage maintenance and inspections

  • Boiling/ filtered water installations and change overs

  • Emergency repairs and make safes.


Our Innovation

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Built by tradies for tradies

Helping to enable the growth of your business Trade Trak is a comprehensive job and business management  app developed for all trades, both large and small.

Our team work around the clock with real tradies to best understand their business needs, and have developed an app designed to:

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