50 Point Home Maintenance Check

Outside Your Home.

  • Check water meter to ensure no leaking water and test pressure

  • Inspect property for any visible water pooling or soft spots that may indicate a leak underground

  • Visually inspect accessible sewer points and ensure correct flow of sewer

  • Visually inspect all stormwater connection points and accessible pits to ensure water is flowing and there is no blockages

  • Inspection of guttering for leaks, break down of joints and corners.

  • Inspection of guttering for build up of debris

  • Inspection of downpipes to identify blockages

  • Visually inspect dwelling externally for any signs of water leaking.

  • Inspection of garden taps for leaks and function

  • Inspect visual irrigation connections for isolation

  • Inspect and test gas meter for any signs of gas leaks

  • Inspect hot water service for condition and any leaks.

  • Inspect external air conditioning pipework for visible issues

  • Inspect external air conditioning condenser for any visible issues

  • Inspect sub floor suspended sewer lines where possible for any issues*

  • Inspect sub floor suspended stormwater lines where possible for any issues*

  • Inspect sub floor gas lines for any visual issues*

  • Inspect sub floor water lines for any visual issues*

  • Inspect under floor duct work and ensure ducts hung correctly with no issues.

  • Check under floor areas for water pooling, signs of mould or water ingress.

Inside your home.

  • Internal ceiling inspection to identify if any water is entering the ceiling space.

  • Visually inspect condition of ducted heating units for correct installation and fluing.

  • Inspection of gas cooktop for flame production and fire safety

  • Inspection of gas oven for correct installation, tip prevention, fire safety.

  • Inspection of dishwasher and associated connection points for waste and water connections.

  • Inspection of kitchen sink connections to waste line including trap and double bowl connections.

  • Inspection of sink installation to ensure plug and washers sealed and no leaks around sink to benchtop.

  • Inspection of water points to kitchen sink including tapware, water connections under sink and associated pipe work

  • Inspection of filter tap or fridge points

  • Inspection of toilets to ensure correct flow

  • Inspection of toilets to ensure no internal leaking of water, water point connection, waste point connection

  • Inspection of isolation taps through out to ensure all fixtures can be isolated as required.

  • Inspection of basin tapware for leaks and correct function.

  • Inspection of basin to ensure no cracks or leaks in plug and washer.

  • Inspection of basin waste connections to identify any possible issues

  • Inspection of in cupboard water connections to basin to ensure no issues

  • Inspection of bath and surrounding tiles to identify any water ingress to tiles or cracks that may cause serious issues.

  • Inspection of bath tapware to ensure correct function.

  • Inspection of shower base for cracks, movement, water ingress to surrounding walls causing mould or sub floor damage.

  • Inspection of shower screen and associated silicone seal

  • Inspection of shower tapware for leaks into wall space.

  • Ensure tapware is sealed

  • Inspect shower rose or rail for leaks, blockages, damage correct function

  • Inspection of wall tiles in water proof areas for cracks, damage or water damage.

  • Thermometer test all hot water outlets to ensure temperature is safe for children and to the VBA requirements

  • Inspection of laundry connection to washing machine/condenser dryer

  • Inspection of laundry trough and splash back, check installation through bench for leaks

  • Inspection of laundry trough tapware for leaks and correct function.

  • Inspection of laundry trough waste for correct connection to plug and washer, this includes the connection point for washing machine waste.

  • Inspection report on all appliances, condition, and requires servicing.


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